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Bearing Fruit

This new endeavor has been on runway for a long-ish time. At least it’s seems longish to me.

I’ve been interested and captivated by surface pattern design for the better part of a decade… okay, okay… really my whole life. I have uesd patterns in a lot of my graphic and advertising work and I could spend an entire day in any given fabric store just absorbing all the prints. I love to sew when I actually get the chance and my lovely mum is a scrappy, "I’m-doing-it-my-way" quilter who has beautiful results. I’ve followed surface pattern designers like Heather Ross and Heather Bailey’s early blogs way back in the hey-day of blogs and just admired how they were able to make that their livelihood. But how to pivot into that industry?

When something keeps coming back to you, when something continues to excite you over and over again, when something leaves a breadcrumb trail for you to follow? Well, you need to pay attention then, don't you?

I just put up a sampling of three different collections that I’ve been working on in the background for the past two years (see the “Surface Pattern Design” tab above). I’ve done probably over 100 patterns in this effort (not to mention the ones I did for my client graphic/advert work) and narrowed it down to exploring different areas. One collection is a floral, one collection is a geometric mystical, and one collection is children’s based. I’ll post the conceptual promos here and also on (a very new) IG professional account. I’m already excited to work on new collections in 2023.

If this is your jam, contact me and let’s talk about working together. I can’t wait to get started!


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