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Hire A Professional Designer

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

There is true value from hiring a professional designer, artist, writer or photographer that can showcase your company or product’s uniqueness. You step away with a new and directive brand, book cover and interior, photography, copywriting, or pattern collection that is unique. And copyrighted to you.

AI steals from other artists’ published work. AI lifts from others’ copyrighted works. Doesn’t matter if it’s words or visuals. The talent and craft and time that go behind this work is stolen and added to something “new.” Something that wasn’t crafted with any talent.

This particular AI software will hurt people. Ever have an Amazon packaged poached off your doorstep? Doesn't feel good. Imagine if someone was poaching your work, taking credit for it and making money off it. Also, not a good feeling and now you can’t feed your kids.

And for those that think this is “progress,” please know that this isn’t like an automobile replacing a horse and carriage. Currently there’s code being developed that will let us “backtrace” back to the source images, so expect lawsuits in the future if you use AI. How’s that for progress?

So I am asking you to please educate yourself on this and do the right thing.

If you have been affected by AI utilization in the arts, television, and production please send your story here:


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