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Well, Hello 2023!

So here we are entering a brand new year.

All shiny and new without any banged up shins or purple bruises.

I have high hopes for you, New Year. This is the year things happen.

This is the year that all my hard work, frustrations, tears, relief and worry, studying,

learning, organizing, sweat equity and building a foundation for my life BLOOMS.

Yes, I'm looking at you, 2023. And I'm expecting great things. I'll continue to do what I need to do to move the compass, but you have to come through on your end. It is time. It is time for ease. It it time for joy. It is a time for alliances. It is time to make room for me where I am headed. It is time for like-minded people to come into my life. It is time for some play to happen. It is time for continued health and well being. It is time for creativity.

It is time for me to come into my own.


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